Our mission

We want to change our world.

This is our intrinsic belief and is the motivation for how we at Jalbi Australia operate. From the very beginning of our supply chain we endeavour to create an Aboriginal supply chain of ethically sourced Australian Native Ingredients.

Our natural products are made right here is Western Australia as we continue to support our local community and jobs. And when people choose to purchase products from our beautifully scented Australian Made and Aboriginal Inspired range we continue to care for their hands.

We want to work with Aboriginal communities and organisations through our supply chain needs to provide economic independence as well as achieving social goals with cultural and environmental benefits to the community we work with.

Jalbi Australia is a 100% Australian owned and majority owned Aboriginal Company

We welcome the opportunity to be part of your Aboriginal supply chain.

Jalbi means

Mother’s Mother’s Mother

Jalbi, the image, tells a story of colonisation, of pride in identity and of new beginnings.

Jalbi is an intergenerational artwork created by founding director Mandy’s daughter, Ayesha. It depicts four generations of Ayesha’s maternal lineage, her mother’s, mother’s, mother (the meaning of the word Jalbi in Yawuru language). Teresa Lacy (rest in peace), the matriarch of Mandy’s family, and Ayesha’s great grandmother was descended from the Yawuru people from the Broome area in the West Kimberley of Western Australia.

Jalbi means

Mother’s Mother’s Mother

Jalbi, the image, tells a story of colonisation, of pride in identity and of new beginnings.

Because of her, we can!

Our Company, Jalbi Australia, has drawn it’s namesake from this artwork as a tribute and honour to an incredible woman who worked hard to provide the opportunities we now have as a family. It pays homage to our Aboriginal heritage; our products are built on a childhood of connecting with the bush and learning from the strong women in our family, and we are proud to share this with you, our customers.

Founded by Mandy Gadsdon and Kym Hawkins

Our vision is to create a range of beautifully made natural products that draws inspiration from traditional knowledge and Australia scents and botanicals

Jalbi Australia is founded on nearly 40 years of friendship and 60,000 years of traditional knowledge

Meet our founders

Mandy Gadsdon and Kym Hawkins, shares a profound respect for the ancient traditions and draws inspiration from the wellspring of traditional knowledge.

A Yawuru woman with a passion for social justice and equity and in my other work in management consulting.

A deep appreciation for nature and community made me commit to create a meaningful change in our world.