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With the sweet honey like properties of Honey Myrtle combined with the fresh diffusive eucalypt like scent of Fragonia, this Body Mist will transport you to the tranquil sounds and feels of the Australian Bush. Infused with essential oils distilled in the beautiful southwest of Western Australia, this beautiful natural product will leave you feeling refreshed and calm when you need it most.

50c from every Body Mist sold will be donated to a Charity of Jalbi Australia’s choice. Click here for more information 


Skin feel

Misty and moisturised.


A contemporary Body Mist fragrance with a beautiful balance of sweet spicy, fresh citrus and woody character – using it is like inhaling a walk in the Australian bush.

Hydrosol of Agonis Fragrams (Fragonia Hydrosol), Hydrolsol of Melaleuca Teretifolia (Honey Myrtle Hydrosol).

Refresh + Hydrate. Mist your body for an instant pick me up! This versatile body mist can also be used as a skin toner and hair mist.

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