Room Spray - Rumarra | Sun
Rumarra | Sun

Room Spray

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Rumarra (meaning sun in Yawuru language) Room Spray is refreshing and uplifting. It will help drive out fatigue and help you focus and clear your mind. We think our Rumarra scent smells just like a summer’s day or a happy time. With a close to 10% essential oil mix, this beautiful uplifting scent offers an invigorating and awakening sensory experience, with the beautiful essential oil of Australian Lemon Ironbark, mixed with Neroli and Black Pepper.

Skin feel


The uplifting essential oil of Lemon Ironbark gives a clean, refreshing, green and lemony scent, while the Neroli offers a sweet, spicy, and floral tone. The Black Pepper ties it all together with its’ intense, slightly sharp, spicy, musky, and warm scent properties.

Alcohol (Ethanol), Aqua, Lemon Ironbark Oil, Neroli Oil, Black Pepper Oil.

Spray into the air in your home, office or car- anywhere really where you would like to add the beautiful scent of Rumarra.

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